Watch out for India Global Summit

An array of speakers would delve on education, industry and economy The India Global Summit is back and the theme for this year is ‘India in 2020- Education, Industry and Economy.’ India stands at the cusp of forging its way in the comity of nations and is well placed with the economy showing steady growth. With a stable government and a new found confidence all three areas: education, industry and the economy are looking up.

The summit this year would be held at the University of Denver on June 10-11. The theme is bound to throw open a medley of new ideas and food for thought. India has had a glorious tradition and an ancient seat of learning with reputed institutions like Taxila and Nalanda that attracted foreign student from across the world. Today however, the Indian education system though produces bright minds has a long way to go in terms of linking industry and educational institutions. The inaugural lecture by SridharTalanki, Dean, DU on India by 2020: New India’s Tryst with Education, Industry & Economy is much awaited.

With 723 universities and 37,000 colleges in the country, the variety of courses offered and talent pool available is something that few countries can boast of. The summit is looked forward by one and all just to know the roadmap for 2020.

Innovation is an area that Indian institutions can do a lot better and this summit focuses to a great extent on the subject. The lecture on Building the Bridges: Innovation for development by Dr Gregory P Pogue should be invigorating.

Topics such as Branding and Marketing Global Perspectives, Changing Urban Landscape through Sustainable Means, Technology & Innovation for Country’s Economic Growth, Global Technology for India, Indo-US Partnership for New India are going to keep the audience enthralled. Noted speakers include Gen V K Singh (retd), Prof Andy Goetz, Arjun Sen, Prof Yashwant Pathak, Eddy Sturman among others.