Theme: Innovate for India
Clare College, University of Cambridge, U.K
13 -14 May,2016 (Friday/Saturday)

Introduction: Historically, technology and Innovation always have been the backbone of any developed economy across the world. India as nation has recently found the new confidence under the current political leadership. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the ambitious Startup India policy to promote entrepreneurship and innovation among youth.

With the great push towards building the innovative culture in the country new schemes such as Atal Innovation Mission are announced by the Indian government. At the same time, India States are not behind – states like Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharastra, Gujarat have announced the startup policies to promote innovation in the state. There is now a healthy competition to “do something” among the states, which is widely lauded. This is emergence of the new India, the Innovative India.

Innovate for India meeting is aimed towards gathering Non-Resident-Indians to build, ideate and innovate for India. NRIs from across the world would present the innovative ideas/technologies/papers that could be implemented in the country.

Take Aways: 

1. A compendium / book will be published after the meeting that would consist of speeches, papers and discussion of the members. The book would be presented to Prime Ministers of India and UK, President of US and other key world leaders, industrialists.

2. Another key action point would be to take top 5 innovative ideas to the government/private companies to implement them successfully in India. The ideas would be monitored and mentored by an international mentor board.

Venue: Clare College is a constituent college of the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England. The college was founded in 1326 as University Hall, making it the second-oldest surviving college of the University after Peterhouse.